The only reason we may fail

When we give up on our dream it is the only reason we may fail.

The obstacles

When you dream, especially of singing, there are allot of mountains to climb.

There are negative situations or negative people that just don’t want you to make it, but it is what you do with this that depends on what your future will hold.

When you dream of singing, you must get out there and put yourself on the line, otherwise you will just eventually give up and decide that you are not going anywhere.

In the past, I participated in allot of competitions and later on decided that I don’t want to put myself through that anymore, because when you don’t make it through to the next round, you feel unworthy and as if you cannot sing.

The most important thing is not to let these situations get to you.

You must persevere and continue. You must stand strong and NOT let these things make you feel unworthy. You must keep living your dream.

You must remember that no one else is going to give you a push, you must get out there and you must live-it.

You must decide for yourself that no matter what who says, I am going to do what I want to and I am going to live my dream.

Don’t let negative critism make you feel unworthy and just give up.

When dreams become reality

You must grab every situation that comes your way, don’t let anything hold you back.

Decide in your mind that you are good enough to make it and take the necessary steps to get there.

Don’t wait for people to ask you to go sing somewhere, go see people and ask if you can sing there. If they listen to you and say you are not good enough, don’t make it personal. Move on to the next place.

Take small steps at a time, don’t try to jump to the top, everybody has to start at the bottom. Most of the celebs didn’t just get there, they also went through this. Just take Justin Bieber for instance, they told him that he was not good enough. Someone “found” him and look where he is today. He is completely living it.

Although you dream in your mind that you stand in front of a huge crowd of people, singing as they cheer you on, this is not where you start. You start in the small places. You might even start with family and friends. Sing to them and listen to their comments. If it is negative comments, think about it – evaluate yourself and think realistic – maybe they might be right and there are some things you must change. Try to change them and sing to the family again. If they think you did well, move on.

Go to a small place like a restaurant or café where they allow people to perform. Ask them to listen to you and if you can sing there.


Singing at SideWalk, which is a small restaurant.

Do it for a while, enjoy the moments you sing and evaluate your audience. See what songs they like when you sing them and what they don’t really respond to. When you know what the audience likes, you can sing more of those kind of songs.

When you move on to another place, the audience might be different, so you must evaluate them again.

As you get more and more exposure, you will gain more confidence. You will move on and who knows, while you are singing in a small restaurant, someone who has influence might hear you.

Remember that the only reason you may fail is because you give up. Don’t let other people let you give up.

My song

A long time ago, I mentioned that I will share my song as soon as I put it on,

I know that I don’t post here much anymore, because I bought my domain name and hosting, but like I said, a long time ago I mentioned that I will share my own song that I wrote myself here, so here it is:

I would like to ask the people reading this that you will please give me a thumbs up (if you like it). Allot of people who looked at it did not vote at all and if you have a blog where you post video material as well, you will know exactly how important those thumbs up are.

If you don’t like it, I will appreciate it if you would maybe just keep quiet (I hope that is not asking too much) but I had someone who left a comment saying that this is the sh*@#$ song he ever heard and that I must stop singing. If you are singing or want to be a singer, believe me, you can do without that kind of negative abuse.

I would actually like to ask those people (but for some or the other reason they remain anonymous) if they’ve tried anything “out of the box” in their lives and it failed, now they want to let everybody feel bad.

Hope you enjoy the song and thank you to those supporting me.