My song

A long time ago, I mentioned that I will share my song as soon as I put it on,

I know that I don’t post here much anymore, because I bought my domain name and hosting, but like I said, a long time ago I mentioned that I will share my own song that I wrote myself here, so here it is:

I would like to ask the people reading this that you will please give me a thumbs up (if you like it). Allot of people who looked at it did not vote at all and if you have a blog where you post video material as well, you will know exactly how important those thumbs up are.

If you don’t like it, I will appreciate it if you would maybe just keep quiet (I hope that is not asking too much) but I had someone who left a comment saying that this is the sh*@#$ song he ever heard and that I must stop singing. If you are singing or want to be a singer, believe me, you can do without that kind of negative abuse.

I would actually like to ask those people (but for some or the other reason they remain anonymous) if they’ve tried anything “out of the box” in their lives and it failed, now they want to let everybody feel bad.

Hope you enjoy the song and thank you to those supporting me.

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