Well, I am not one to really ask, I am still dreaming of being a singstar. I am also one of those people watching every Idols show there is and I’ve sent my CD to some of the companies and radio stations, but the market is so flooded, I don’t even think they listened.

What I do know is that if you are looking for backtracks for songs then you can go to Ameritz any time, they are great, have allot of tracks, so most probably you will find what you are looking for there and then they are very cheap. JUST REMEMBER IF YOU WANT TO RECORDĀ  OR EVEN PERFORM THESE SONGS, YOU MUST HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE PEOPLE WHO CREATED IT.

Another thing I know is that you can go look at this link for a recording program, but remember that this is not the only thing you need, great microphone, soundproof room and allot more, but for a recording program that has been recomended by allot of known stars you can just Click Here!

I still love singing and I love performing, although I am not known everywhere. I have written some of my own songs as well, but I can’t play any musical instruments, so I can’t add the music except if I go to someone. I have one song that someone put in the music for me, I will upload it sometime, but it is in Afrikaans.

Good luck to anyone trying to get a break, I am in the same boat, but I am still positive that somehow, somewhere I will get it.

I’ve seen the other day with a performing art exam, that even the girl who was at the top in this exam has entered Idols and did not even go through to the next round. And believe me she is great.

So some people get there, some don’t, but as long as you start singing in your town or city, then hopefully the right person will be at the right place.

If you send demo’s to people, please pay more for better quality demo’s. I had my first demo made for cheap cheap and believe me, it was cheap cheap quality. Sadly because it was my first, I thought it was great, but now when I listen to it, I realize it is awful. The worst part is that I have given it to a record deal company and now I think I cannot give them another one, because what if they think “oh, this is the one who thinks she can sing”.

In the end, I just believe that one must stay positive and when you dream of being a singstar – KEEP ON DREAMING, YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU GET THAT BIG BREAK.