Well, I am not one to really ask, I am still dreaming of being a singstar. I am also one of those people watching every Idols show there is and I’ve sent my CD to some of the companies and radio stations, but the market is so flooded, I don’t even think they listened.

What I do know is that if you are looking for backtracks for songs then you can go to Ameritz any time, they are great, have allot of tracks, so most probably you will find what you are looking for there and then they are very cheap. JUST REMEMBER IF YOU WANT TO RECORD  OR EVEN PERFORM THESE SONGS, YOU MUST HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE PEOPLE WHO CREATED IT.

Another thing I know is that you can go look at this link for a recording program, but remember that this is not the only thing you need, great microphone, soundproof room and allot more, but for a recording program that has been recomended by allot of known stars you can just Click Here!

I still love singing and I love performing, although I am not known everywhere. I have written some of my own songs as well, but I can’t play any musical instruments, so I can’t add the music except if I go to someone. I have one song that someone put in the music for me, I will upload it sometime, but it is in Afrikaans.

Good luck to anyone trying to get a break, I am in the same boat, but I am still positive that somehow, somewhere I will get it.

I’ve seen the other day with a performing art exam, that even the girl who was at the top in this exam has entered Idols and did not even go through to the next round. And believe me she is great.

So some people get there, some don’t, but as long as you start singing in your town or city, then hopefully the right person will be at the right place.

If you send demo’s to people, please pay more for better quality demo’s. I had my first demo made for cheap cheap and believe me, it was cheap cheap quality. Sadly because it was my first, I thought it was great, but now when I listen to it, I realize it is awful. The worst part is that I have given it to a record deal company and now I think I cannot give them another one, because what if they think “oh, this is the one who thinks she can sing”.

In the end, I just believe that one must stay positive and when you dream of being a singstar – KEEP ON DREAMING, YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU GET THAT BIG BREAK.

Add harmony to a stressfull job

English: Full Team

English: Full Team (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is Your Job Stressful Add A Little Harmony

As everyone knows, every job has stress. Some stress is due to the nature of the job, some stress we apply to ourselves, and some stress is caused by those around us, be it demanding bosses, unreasonable customers or unproductive and scheming co-workers.

Malcolm S. Forbes once said, “If you have a job without any aggravations, you don’t have a job.”

So if workplace stress is a given, then how we handle this stress has a large impact on how well we perform and how much we enjoy our job.

The fact is that living and working with others is not always easy. You don’t have to like the people you work with, but you do need to be able to co-exist and co-operate with them. You can start by remembering that everyone has their place and the more harmony you can bring to the situation the more enjoyable it will be for everyone.

Why not try bringing a little harmony to the workplace by imagining your job as being a member of a choir. In a choir some people sing too loud, others too softly and some out of tune, but we’re all still part of the same choir. If you sing louder to compete with the loud singers or sing so softly that you are not heard or sing out of tune just to fit in, then you do nothing to help the choir-you don’t add anything to the harmony.

You can’t change how another sings, you can only do the best that you can and hope that others follow your lead.

The Roman philosopher Sallust said, “Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.”

Wise words, indeed. Whatever you do, don’t add to the disharmony, this will only make matters worse and drag the choir further out of tune.

Your performance should be based on how well you perform, and not the performance of others. The more harmony there is in a choir the better it sounds. The more harmony we can create at work the less stressful our job becomes. Don’t let someone else singing off key ruin your song.

Keep living the dream of singing

English: David Singing

English: David Singing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: a short course in singing for people ...

English: a short course in singing for people that can’t sing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back Beat record label

Back Beat record label (Photo credit: Fred Seibert)

A-Z of Bristol record labels

A-Z of Bristol record labels (Photo credit: brizzle born and bred)

English: Brett Manning performing at the Exit/...

English: Brett Manning performing at the Exit/In in Nashville, TN on October 6, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Artist Woman Singing Concert in Jazz Club

Artist Woman Singing Concert in Jazz Club (Photo credit: epSos.de)

It has been my dream to sing for so many years, but where do you start. I know that sometimes one can get discouraged and think that you can never reach you’re goal, but keep on reading.


Well, I started of at joining a singing school. This was the best decision I made, because you need someone to guide you to use your voice to it’s full potential and they give you a chance to sing in front of a crowd, where you can grow and learn. This is where you grow as a performer and “get out of your shell.”

You can always get some voice exercises from the web, there are some great ones that even the well known singers are using like the exercises of Brett Manning.

You can also visit a well known recording company to record your songs on cd and promote yourself this way, by selling them. Also do remember that if you don’t write your own songs, you need to take a look at SAMRO’s website, because if you copy other people songs without permission, it is stealing.

Do you need get signed for a contract?

Don’t be stuck on getting a contract, with video blogging and blogging these days, you can advertise yourself and who knows, if you are well enough, someone will find you. You must just stay positive and keep on loading those songs. The signing of singing contracts are overrated in any case, what they actually do is to take a big bite out of you’re money.

There is just one thing, ask other people about their opinion of you’re singing, I have heard some people who think they can sing, but as they say, they are just completely “tone deaf“, they can’t hear that they are not singing on the note or even according to the melody of a song.


So, if it is you’re dream to sing, don’t give up, just keep on dreaming and step out and do it, a dream stays a dream until you put it into gear. Singing is my passion and I am living it!!