Live your dream – publish your music

Did you know it is possible to Live your dream and publish your music:

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I know that when singing is what you want to do and it is your LIFE, then you dream of publishing and selling your music, but how do you get the big publishing houses to like you and where do you start searching for the one who will like your particular type of music? Well, you can stop dreaming and start publishing your music.

Yes, it is possible for you to start living your dream and publish your music in a professional manner with the help of TuneCore.

The basics:

If you are an artist, creating your own music and writing your own songs, your obvious next step will be to publish your music for the world to hear and buy.

You want to make money from living your dream.

Please remember: you must write your own music, not copy music from other people.

TuneCore is the premier digital music distributor and publishing administrator for musicians worldwide.

The results:

Take a look at the Infographic supplied by TuneCore below, if you click on it, you will go directly to Tunecore’s website where you will find all the information you need to be able to publish your own music. Now if this is not living your dream, I don’t know.

TuneCore infographic

TuneCore infographic

About TuneCore:

Like I mentioned earlier: TuneCore is the premier digital music distributor and publishing administrator for musicians worldwide.

Don’t think that you are not a famous musician yet, take a look at the awesome services they provide.

You can have your music mastered by the professionals to make it sound like the professionals’ music you hear everywhere.

There prices are affordable. I’ve paid for mastering of some of my music and believe me, their prices are great in comparison to what you pay “non-professionals”.

Your music must already be recorded and you send them your copy to master.

Already have your master and you are happy with it, see how you can publish your music through them and make money.

Make money with your YouTube uploads, let TuneCore help you.

Get a publishing deal.

They sell and advertise your music and you collect the money.

Radio airplay: Get guaranteed online radio airplay to millions of listeners who like your style of music.

Take a look, there are millions of reasons to join TuneCore, but the most important is that they will help you live your dream of singing.

Deep down, from inside my heart, I wish you the best of luck in living your dream and believe that TuneCore will help you to do it.

Was this post helpful? Do you believe again that it is possible for you to live your dream of singing?

In my next post, I will share with you why I deleted all my YouTube Video’s, especially the one that got over 3000 views in 2 months and I will share with you how I got so many views so be sure to stay tuned.